European Data Protection Board

Annual report

The EDPB’s annual report summarises our activities through the year, and reviews:

  • the practical application of our guidelines;
  • our recommendations and best practice reports;
  • our binding decisions;
  • the levels of data protection of natural persons in the EU and, where relevant, in third countries and international organisations.

We publish the report on our website, and we send copies to the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission.

The archived information to the Article 29 Working Party – our predecessor – are published on the following link: 

Article 29 Working Party


EDPB Annual Report 2019

18 May 2020

Executive summary: DOWNLOAD

EDPB Annual Report 2019  4.6 MB
EDPB Annual Report 2019 - Executive Summary  2.55 MB

EDPB Annual Report 2018

16 July 2019

Executive summary: DOWNLOAD

EDPB Annual Report 2018  5.86 MB