Italian DPA: Processing limitation on a COVID19-related app (‘Mitiga’)

4 June 2021 Italy

The Italian SA imposed a temporary limitation of the processing of personal data on the company managing the ‘Mitiga Italia’ app.

The app had been used for the first time on 19 May in order to allow spectators certified as vaccinated against, recovered from or tested negative for COVID-19 to access the stadium where the Coppa Italia final football match was to be held.

The limitation order proved necessary as the app was likely to be used in the next few days to regulate access to other events, shows or sports activities.

The order by the Italian SA recalls that there is currently no valid legal basis for the processing of data performed via the app in order to establish the Covid-free status of individuals participating in sports or any other public events, or else accessing premises open to the public – partly considering that highly sensitive information such as health data is involved. 

The ‘Mitiga’ company had submitted the app for consultation to the Italian SA on 1 April and should have refrained from processing any data since the timeframe set out in the Regulation for the relevant decision by the SA had not yet expired. 

The processing limitation took effect immediately and will continue for as long as necessary pending completion of the inquiries the Italian SA had initiated.

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