EDPB adopts first opinion on certification criteria

2 February 2022

The EDPB adopted its opinion on the GDPR-CARPA certification scheme submitted to the Board by the Luxembourg Supervisory Authority (SA). This is the first time that the EDPB adopts a consistency opinion on criteria for a nationwide certification scheme. The GDPR-CARPA certification scheme is a general scheme, which does not focus on a specific sector or type of processing. It includes requirements on data protection governance in the organisation surrounding the processing activities.

EDPB Chair, Andrea Jelinek, said: “This opinion is an important step towards greater GDPR compliance. The main aim of certification mechanisms is to help controllers and processors demonstrate compliance with the GDPR. Controllers and processors adhering to a certification mechanism also gain greater visibility and credibility, as it allows individuals to quickly assess the level of protection of the processing operations.”
The EDPB opinion aims to ensure the consistency and correct application of certification criteria among SAs in the European Economic Area. To this end, the EDPB considers that a number of changes need to be made to the draft certification criteria.

After approval by the SA, the certification mechanism will also be added to the register of certification mechanisms and data protection seals in accordance with Art. 42 (8) GDPR.