Sixteenth EDPB Plenary Session

4 December 2019

On December 2nd and 3rd, the EEA Data Protection Authorities and the European Data Protection Supervisor, assembled in the European Data Protection Board, met for their sixteenth plenary session. During the plenary, several topics were discussed.
Art. 64 GDPR Opinion on Accreditation Requirements for Codes of Conduct monitoring bodies by UK SA
The EDPB adopted its opinion on the UK Supervisory Authority’s (SA) draft decision on the Accreditation Requirements for Codes of Conduct monitoring bodies. The opinion aims to ensure consistency and the correct application of these requirements among EEA SAs. In the opinion, the EDPB proposes some changes to the draft accreditation requirements, in order to ensure a consistent application of the accreditation of monitoring bodies.

Response to BEREC request for guidance on the revision of its guidelines on net neutrality rules
The EDPB adopted its response to a request for guidance by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communication (BEREC) on the current EU data protection framework. In the letter, the Board raises concerns regarding the processing of domain names and URLs for the purposes of traffic management and billing (zero-rating offers).

The EDPB encourages the internet access services (IAS), and where relevant BEREC, to define and agree on less invasive and more standardized ways to manage internet traffic, interoperable throughout different IASs, which are not based on the use of URLs and domain names.

Guidelines on “the Criteria of the Right to be Forgotten in the search engine cases under the GDPR” (part 1)
The Board adopted draft guidelines on “the Criteria of the Right to be Forgotten in the search engine cases under the GDPR.” The guidelines provide an interpretation of Art. 17 GDPR with regard to the grounds and exceptions for delisting requests directed to search engine providers and are an update of the 2014 guidelines on the implementation of the Costeja judgment, issued by the Article 29 Working Party (WP29). These guidelines, which will be presented for public consultation, will be complemented by another set of guidelines on the criteria for handling complaints for refusals of delisting.

Note to editors:
Please note that all documents adopted during the EDPB Plenary are subject to the necessary legal, linguistic and formatting checks and will be made available on the EDPB website once these have been completed.