European Data Protection Board

Data Protection Officer @ EDPB

The EDPB may process your personal data for a number of reasons, from dealing with public requests for information, staff matters, visitor information, cooperation with national data protection authorities to the handling of complaints to name but a few.

The EDPB, as it is the case for the EU institutions and bodies, is obliged to comply with the data protection law specifically applicable to it.

In addition to specifying the legal principles for processing personal data, the law provides that at least one Data Protection Officer (DPO) must appointed by the EDPB.

Broadly speaking, the task of the DPO is to ensure, in an independent manner, that the data protection law is applied in the EDPB.

The existing data protection rules applicable to the EU institutions and bodies are being reformed to be brought in line with the General Data Protection Regulation. The new rules aim to make the EU institutions more accountable in the way they process personal data. This statement will therefore be adapted when the reform will be finished.

You can contact our DPO either by e-mail at or you can send your request by post.